The Days’ Reading, July 7–9, 2017


Gerard N. Magliocca, Balkinization, Gunner Gorsuch (July 6, 2017)




Kara Brown, Jezebel, I Can’t Believe They Let Me Do This (July 7, 2017)


Andrew Tillett-Saks, Jacobin, Labor’s Last Chance for Solidarity (July 7, 2017) — The article in four words: We have to fight.


Kristian Winfield, SB Nation, Grizzlies retire Zach Randolph’s number with tear-jerking open letter (July 6, 2017) — they’re retiring his number while he’s still in the league????


Ian Cohen, Pitchfork, Conway: Reject on Steroids (July 8, 2017)


Agatha French, Los Angeles Times, The LA Review of Books and USC undertake a summer publishing workshop (July 8, 2017) — money grab?


Jason Torchinsky, Jalopnik, A Vlogger Is Getting Rid Of His Tesla Because It Needs New Tires (July 8, 2017)


Eric Van Allen, Compete, This 8-Hour Run Of Final Fantasy VII Is A Masterwork Of Planning (July 8, 2017)


Jay Jaffe, Sports Illustrated, Three Strikes: Dodgers walk off to seize MLB's best record (July 9, 2017)


Rachel Vorona Cote, The Slot, Is Mike Pence Quietly Preparing for His Own Political Campaign? (July 9, 2017)

Ice Cream

Patrick Dubuque, Cold Takes, The Ice Cream Man (June 30, 2017)


Simon Abrams, Roger, Our Time Will Come (July 7, 2017)


Tom Ley, Deadspin, Jeff Fisher’s Futile War Against Pockets Now Has Dialogue (July 7, 2017)


Hamilton Nolan, Fusion, How to Exit an Airplane Like You’re Not an Idiot (July 7, 2017) — it’s always valid to stretch your legs, though. We spend too much time sitting as it is


Samuel Bernstein, Stage and Cinema, Theater Review: THE ANDREWS BROTHERS (Glendale Centre Theatre in Los Angeles) (July 9, 2017)


Paul Waldman, The Washington Post, The dumbest criticism of single payer health care (July 6, 2017) — “it’ll raise taxes by trillions!” Yeah, dummy, and those taxes will replace insurance premiums you’re currently paying. (I do wish Randy Bryce had given a better answer on this, i.e. he’d given the answer Waldman gives here. His answer wasn’t bad, in that he took the opportunity to point out that taxes are skewed toward the wealthy and we could still raise a lot of revenue without touching the working class, but it didn’t point out that the whole concept is taxes replacing premiums.)


Alice Bolin, Los Angeles Review of Books, One Mystery Will Solve Another: Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich’s “The Fact of a Body” (July 9, 2017) — this is great. If you only read one thing from this list, read this.


Lydia Moland, The Paris Review, For Our Cause Is Just (July 7, 2017) — on Lydia Maria Child’s letters


Timothy Burke, Deadspin, Look At This Fucking Shit (July 8, 2017) — don’t DNA test your babies to find out whether they are elite athletes


Patrick Redford, Deadspin, Report: More Coke Dogs (July 7, 2017) — the poor pups


Elizabeth Stinson, Wired, The Sideways Elevator of the Future Is Here, and It’s Wild (July 9, 2017) — maglev elevators!


Robin Wright, The New Yorker, Mosul Falls: What Is Next For ISIS? (July 9, 2017) — answer: don’t breath easy, and keep working to address root causes; military victory only gets you so far


Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post, Obama returns to political fray for a Democratic Party cause (July 9, 2017) — an answer to the Koch Bros.-funded redistricting strategy, it seems


Patrick Hruby, Vice Sports, Bernard Tomic’s Only Sin Was Being Honest About His Job (July 6, 2017) — The reaction to this was very “only in sports.” Patrick does a nice job being sympathetic and reasonable.


Matt Hartman, The Awl, Against Personal Politics (July 6, 2017) — Hartman is sympathetic to those who speak more of (personal) experiences and feelings than movement-building, because we keep losing, but I think he’s right that politicizing the every-day is how we have to move forward


Tom Ley, Deadspin, SB Nation Blogger Removed From Masthead Following Deletion Of Bad Post (July 6, 2017)


Andrew Ridker, The Paris Review, Queer Bubbles (July 6, 2017) — on CAConrad


E.A. Crunden, ThinkProgress, Things in Venezuela have gone from bad to worse (July 6, 2017)


Josie Thaddeus-Johns, The Awl, Don’t Sext Me In The Present Tense (July 6, 2017)


Hailey Branson-Potts, Los Angeles Times, After more than 10 years on the run, suspected L.A. hospital molester is captured in Guatemala (July 6, 2017)



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Jason Wojciechowski

Jason Wojciechowski

Union lawyer, A's ESPN SweetSpot blogger. Bow ties, bright pants, hella cats. I dissent.